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Get 34 Days of Your Life Back!

We started CarCare To Go to make life easier and more convenient for car owners. We, and everyone we knew was tired of spending hours driving, waiting, shuttling, bad-coffee-drinking every six months or so for an oil change or repair. It was taking time that we’d rather be using for work or family or sleeping. Everything else in our lives from buying groceries to shoe shopping could be done from our phone or computer, why shouldn’t this?

All this thinking about saving time got us wondering, how much time could we actually save during a lifetime of car ownership? How many minutes, hours, and days of your life could we give you back?

So, we dug in to do extremely complicated mathematical analysis using rigorous online research, our own anecdotal experiences and, of course, actual real wisdom from Wanda Cockrell who heads up CarCare To Go’s and Ourisman’s service operations.

The bottom line: the average woman in America will spend almost a month! dealing with getting their car repaired or maintained. The exact number is 22.5 days.

There’s good and bad news for American men. The not-so-good is that you live an average of about four years less than women. The upside is that you spend less time battling traffic and waiting rooms.

For both women and men, that’s a lot of time! Not as much as you spend sleeping or working or, if you’re like us, eating, but still time that would nice to get back. So here’s to giving you some of those weeks of your life back.

In the spirit of transparency, here’s our math. We will be the first to admit that there are likely other, perhaps better, ways to calculate this. We welcome any ideas you have. And if you come up with a great alternative and share it with us, there’s a $50 discount on a hand detail in it for you.

  • 81.1 years – Average lifespan of an American woman*
  • 21 years – Average age when you buy your first car**
  • 60.1 years – Number of years when you own a car***
  • 2 – Number of times you should have a tech look at your car****
  • 270 minutes – Number of minutes wasted dealing with the average per service*****
  • 32, 454 minutes – How many minutes you spend drinking waiting-room coffee
  • 540 hours – How many hours you spend battling traffic
  • 16 hours – How many hours is the average person awake each day
  • 33.8 days – Add it all up and the average woman spends this many days taking care of her car

* This was found on the Internet
** We couldn’t find this anywhere, but according to one survey, 54% of Americans think 21 is the “ideal” year to buy your first car, so we went with that.
*** When you die minus the age when you buy your first car
**** Wanda’s advice on the best way to keep your car safe and long-lasting
***** This was the time it took me to get my Subaru Outback serviced last time when the touch screen went out
****** This assumes everyone gets exactly the 8 hours of sleep every night we’re supposed to. (Does not account for zombie scrolling on our phones at 3am.)