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Potomac, MD Transmission Service Services

Trust, transparency, free car valet pick-up and return in Potomac

What makes our Potomac Transmission Service different?

  • Free valet pick-up and drop-off saves time and stress
  • Complimentary video inspection of your vehicle 
  • Competitive and transparent pricing + free light clean
  • Real time text communication/updates 
  • 12,000 mile/12-month warranty

Changing your car’s transmission fluid is messy and time-consuming. Rather than get your hands dirty, allow our mechanics to provide professional maintenance while you focus on the things that matter most to you!

What is Transmission Fluid?

Transmission fluid helps to lubricate your car’s transmission, keeping it at peak performance. Without it, the engine begins to overheat and gears grind together, causing damage to the vehicle. It is essential to replace this fluid every 30,000-60,000 miles to ensure your vehicle operates smoothly.

What is the Price of Repair?

Transmission repair can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, especially if you put it off. The sooner you act, the better off your car will be. At CarCare, our prices are transparent. That means you will have the opportunity to review and approve any work before it is done on your vehicle.

When to Schedule Maintenance?

While we suggest you should have your car inspected every six months, sometimes that just doesn’t work out. Don’t put it off too long and put your car at risk, though! 

For the easiest service, schedule your maintenance with CarCare To Go. Operating within a 20-mile radius of Washington, D.C., a valet will retrieve your vehicle, at no cost to you, and bring it to a service center. We’ll let you know when your car is ready, and return it to you at no extra cost. It’s that convenient and simple. 

Schedule Transmission Fluid Maintenance

Don’t let your care suffer from not having what it needs to run properly. Schedule your transmission fluid changes or replacements in Washington, D.C. with CarCare To Go.

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