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    Fair and

    At CarCare To Go, your vehicle is taken care of in modern facilities by technicians who are rigorously trained. We aim to be competitive with pricing so not only are you getting better, more convenient service, but a good deal, too.

    Fair and Transparent Pricing
    • The valet is free.
    • There is no upcharge on any services on the back end.
    • Standard, simple services get standard, simple prices.
    • Multi-point inspections are complimentary.
    • You approve more complicated work after you’ve seen the price.

    The Basics

    Oil and Filter Change (Synthetic Blend)
    Sedan: $65 | SUV: $80

    Oil and Filter Change (Full Synthetic)
    Sedan: $80 | SUV: $90

    Tire Rotation: $50

    Tire Balance & Rotation: $100

    Cabin Air Filter: $80

    Engine Air Filter: $80

    Wiper blades replacement: $40

    <5 miles: $150
    5-15 miles: $175
    >15 miles: $250

    More Complex Repairs

    For your convenience, we’ve outlined some estimated ranges for common larger repairs and maintenance work.*

    Brake Pads & Rotors

    • Brake Pads & Rotors: Price range from $650 to $1,200 for either front or rear axles
    • Brake pads ONLY:  $235 to $390 for each axle

    Battery Replacement

    • Price range from $305 to $850
    • Price depends on the size of the battery, and whether we use original manufacturer parts, or aftermarket parts.

    *Prices for complex repairs will be based on one of our expert technician’s inspections of your vehicle.