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Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 182 customer reviews.

Gidget B. Avatar
Gidget B.

I genuinely appreciated and enjoyed using CarCare To Go's service. I used the Spring Special where the air filter was changed, light detailing, tire rotation, oil change, etc. They also conducted an inspection and checked with me before moving forward with any additional repairs. The tech was very friendly and communicative the entire time, which I really appreciated. The service was very helpful since I work really long and crazy hours and could not take off from work to drive my car to a dealership and have work done. I would absolutely recommend using CarCare To Go to anyone and would use them again in the future. - 1 month ago

Andrea G. Avatar
Andrea G.

CarCare To Go helped me out in a real jam! I had a flat tire that needed more than just a simple fix, and CarCare To Go was incredibly responsive, and Roxy maintained constant communication to make sure I knew the progress of my repair. They finished the repair early, and before I knew it, my car was dropped off back at my house! A wonderful experience that I will highly recommend to others. - 1 month ago

Jen K. Avatar
Jen K.

CarCare To Go was great! They picked up the car on time. All issues with the car were clearly communicated with photos, recommendations and estimated costs. It was super easy to select the services that I wanted or not. The office kept me updated on the status of the work and were very professional helpful. I recommend the service.
Edit: Huge shout out to Erika for sorting me out this week when my exhaust pipe decided to snap into two. She made a stressful situation some much smoother with her responsiveness and flexibility!
- 1 month ago

Alexis W. Avatar
Alexis W.

- 1 month ago

Alan P. Avatar
Alan P.

Great service..kept you posted every step of the way..would highly recommend the service - 1 month ago

Kate D. Avatar
Kate D.

- 1 month ago

Lorraine B. Avatar
Lorraine B.

Exemplary customer service! From my very first conversation with Erica, the valet who picks up and drops off your car, and the constant communication via text … the service was exemplary! You know what is going on every step of the way. I am very impressed. I plan to use them again and have already mentioned them to several friends and colleagues. I highly recommend! - 1 month ago

Owen Avatar

Great experience overall. CarCare To Go picked up the vehicle on time, quickly diagnosed the issues that needed to be addressed immediately (clogged sunroof drainline, brake fluid replacement), and recommended services that could wait. Extremely communicative throughout, providing frequent updates. Clear and reasonable pricing. Returned the vehicle on time and in excellent condition. 10/10, will use them again for regular maintenance as it saved me at least 2 hours getting to/from my usual place. - 1 month ago

Elise C. Avatar
Elise C.

I cannot recommend CarCare To Go enough! At first it felt very strange that they were arranging complimentary valet etc - definitely seemed too good to be true and I was waiting for the catch to come into play. But it really truly was all true and was a real lifesaver for a working mom who did not have the time to drive and wait for an inspection during the work week or on the weekend with an overactive toddler. I worked with Roxy who was AMAZING and communicated regularly and clearly with me at just the right times in just the right intervals. I felt very informed while being able to focus my time and attention elsewhere. Efficient, friendly, professional! Would definitely use them again. - 1 month ago

Chris M. Avatar
Chris M.

Everything went as smoothly as advertised. They pick up your car, take it to the service location, text you and email you throughout the entire process explaining what they found and need to work on. You approve it, they do the work quickly, and return the car to you the same day. All employees I interacted with were polite and very nice. I would certainly use them again. - 1 month ago

Sam Avatar

The most helpful auto maintenance service provider I've ever been to - the valet service is super helpful, and they provided photos/videos and explanations during the inspection to explain any necessary services. Prices are on the higher end, but their pricing is extremely transparent and the convenience and helpfulness justifies it - especially for someone who really doesn't enjoy going to an auto shop. - 1 month ago

Zachary H. Avatar
Zachary H.

- 1 month ago

elizabeth m. Avatar
elizabeth m.

This is magic. Driving in Chevy Chase saw their simple sign near a bus stop. Live in Arlington. Called. Picked up - oil change - annual deep cleaning and detail. Remember when we traveled and you rented from Enterprise Car Rental and it was full of whipper-snappers making your life and experience easier? It felt like that. Thank you! - 1 month ago

Mel Avatar

This is my second review but probably my 5th or 6th time Ive used them. I cannot stress how easy, reasonably price, painless, and transparent this company is. My vehicle is up to date on everything, looks great/clean, and its safe to drive thanks to their thoroughness and inspection checks. - 1 month ago

Emily B. Avatar
Emily B.

Gamechanger! I am 8 months pregnant with a toddler and waiting for my car at a mechanic's shop sounds absolutely terrible... CCTG's pick-up and drop-off was seamless and made my life so much easier. My car looked better than when I bought it! Never going back to the normal way of handling car maintenance 🙂 - 1 month ago

Paul S. Avatar
Paul S.

CarCare to Go’s services were provided on time and as advertised. They picked up my car as scheduled and shared regular status updates throughout the day. I would highly recommend their service. - 2 months ago

Shelby S. Avatar
Shelby S.

This was a convenient, transparent, and fairly priced option for basic car maintenance. Everyone was polite and easy to deal with. I'd use them again. - 2 months ago

Carina B. Avatar
Carina B.

Super convenient good prices and great customer service - 2 months ago

Amina V. Avatar
Amina V.

I was very happy with the customer care from Brian, John, and Erika. I loved that they text you a report of everything that needs to be done now, done in the future, and videos of anything that needs to be fixed so you can see for yourself. That was really cool and unique! They also can send a valet driver to pick up the car if you want included or you can take the car yourself which I did.For my tires to be aligned and balanced, 1 tire changed, and a multipoint inspection it cost $459. I kind of wish they had changed both the tires, that would be my only complaint. But besides that they were awesome.They even washed the car and light vacuumed it as a complimentary service. They also did not charge for a multipoint inspection which some places charge $100 for. - 2 months ago

Steven J. Avatar
Steven J.

CarCare To Go is top notch! I had a great experience from them picking up/dropping off my car to the work they did including oil change, tire rotation, wind shield wiper replacement, and detail. They are very thorough, and I appreciate that they provide frequent updates via text and call. Also, they take videos during inspection to provide transparency regarding what is actually wrong with your vehicle and what they recommend to fix any issue. The valet service is super convenient, and the prices are very reasonable! - 2 months ago

Bill F. Avatar
Bill F.

So I'm not usually one to post a review but CarCare To Go has certainly blown me away and well deserving of 5 stars. After years of terrible dealership customer service and sub par work, it is refreshing to find a company that actually over communicates and has phenomenal customer service.My experience: Had low tire pressure warning continually going off even after topping the air several times, knew there was probably a nail in the tire, plus I hadn't gotten my car serviced in over 2 years...bc pandemic. So I found CarCare To Go on a Wednesday, filled out their online appointment form and within a few hours had a service rep calling to confirm that someone would be here to pick up my car in the morning. Morning comes and I get a text message with a link to track the driver coming to pick up my car so I'd know exactly when he was arriving. I saw he was originally headed to the wrong address, so I called the service rep (Erika) to let her know, she quickly updated the address and the driver was on his way. He arrived right on time, was super polite and all I had to do was hand over the keys.Once the car arrived at the service center I received a text informing me it arrived. About an hour later Erika called to ask me about the Tire Issue I had put in my appt application and I told her what to look for so she could pass it on. At about noon I received a new text letting me know they had identified additional areas for repair but I would need to confirm before they went ahead and did everything.Now this is where they blew my mind.I got a text message with a link that brought me to an itemized list of actions they were doing with my car. There was a quick video (think TikTok) from the mechanic who was working on it introducing himself, then below were pictures and videos of everything he was working on and the pricing for each. He literally sent a video where he walked through and showed me my brake pads and how worn out they were. On the list for the additional services you just need to click a box and say Yes or No and your total updates at the bottom. So transparent and helpful!At the end of the day Erika called and said they may not have a driver for me so could we schedule for the following day, I had no problem with that. Then a half hour later she called back and said they had actually found one so I'd have the car back same day. Driver was again super polite (different guy) and I was able to track where he was again.Honestly, again I never write these, but this was a freaking revelation compared to the literal nightmares I've had about Koons Falls Church Ford. I have already been recommending to all my friends because I can't get over how much of a difference this made.Final Note: I'm sure there is a premium on the services for the convenience factor, so if you are looking for the lowest priced option, this is not it. But if you are looking for convenience, transparency, and amazing communication, this is the service for you. I'm never going anywhere else. - 2 months ago

Juan C. Avatar
Juan C.

- 2 months ago

Paul G. Avatar
Paul G.

- 2 months ago

Shannon R. Avatar
Shannon R.

I saw an ad for these guys on Popville and thought I'd give them a go because I needed a new battery. The morning of my appointment I got a text saying "Hey we can pick your car up early if you are ok with that" Not something you usually hear-so big bonus points immediately! Then about an hour or so later I got a call saying that I needed more work done than just my battery needing to be replaced. Naturally I thought of course I do...however, what followed was super pleasant-It was a full walkthrough with videos and the mechanic showing me what was wrong and exactly where it was. Although, I decided not to have the work done (because the car isn't worth the amount it would have cost to fix all of the problems) I gave Roxy(who I can't speak highly enough of) a call back and let her know and she simply said "ok and she understood my reasoning" instead of trying to pressure me into it anyways. This service was incredible and I know it is a bit pricey, but for the convenience and customer service/experience it is worth every bit! I will absolutely use them again in the future and continue to rave about my experience with anyone who ask! - 2 months ago