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Happy $20.23! Synthetic oil change for 1st-time clients. Coupon code: FIRST20.

Rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 494 customer reviews.

Jyoti S. Avatar
Jyoti S.
For a first-timer, the service met my expectations I would have rated it as 5 stars but for the following reasons: (a) An obviously dirty patch on the roof of the car which escaped the car-wash and subsequent cloth wipe; (b) A delay of 45 minutes from the scheduled pick-up time; (c) the approximate service time I was given was 4 to 5 hours but it took 8 hours (10 AM to 6 PM) as a result of which I had to cancel an appointment. This was probably due to having to procure the air-filter from a different service shop (a work ordered in addition to the original oil change). It would have been nice to be warned about the delay so that I could have managed my time better. Trever McNeal was my service advisor and communication with him was prompt, courteous and clear throughout the 8 hours. This was in sharp contrast to the poor communications with my previous dealership service department. I would also like to complement the 2 lady valet drivers (unfortunately cannot recall their names) who picked up and dropped off the car. They were polite and courteous. - 6 days ago
Brianna B. Avatar
Brianna B.
They got my car back to me next day even though they needed to order parts. The valet service was also very quick and easy, and everyone that I came in contact with was really nice. Will definitely return - 6 days ago
Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.
Great service and the most convenient with the valet service. Highly recommend. Prices very reasonable. - 1 week ago
Jamal F. Avatar
Jamal F.
I used this service to get a oil change. They did a great job and even gave me a courtesy wash . I was in great hands of the valet Joshua . He was great with the car and was on time picking up and dropping it off . Great customer service ! - 1 week ago
Ellie F. Avatar
Ellie F.
I had a great experience. My husband dropped off my car and he got a ride back home. The price was reasonable, the service was great. Gabriel then drove the car to my house, after he finished the oil change. He was extremely helpful, polite and accommodating. I highly recommend this business. - 1 week ago
Sakib S. Avatar
Sakib S.
3rd time using their services and as usual outstanding service; i will never go anywhere else. Rosie picked up and dropped off my car with outmost professionalism; she was amazing. Thank you guys for being so awesome - 1 week ago
Laura C. Avatar
Laura C.
I can't say enough. They were very professional from start to finish. The valet was very convenient and they showed up right when they said they would. I went for the oil change to try them out. They did a general check on the car (which is very old with many issues) They went through each area with their recommendations of repairs. There was absolutely no pressure and now I am planning to take care of 2-3 of the repairs they suggested with them. They are very transparent and reasonably priced. - 1 week ago
David S. Avatar
David S.
All were extremely courteous and kept me up to date on the status of the repair. - 2 weeks ago
Michael E. Avatar
Michael E.
Rosie did a great job to ensure that my car got to me safely and on time. - 2 weeks ago
Maya G. Avatar
Maya G.
Great service on an oil change + AC repair, and thank you for dropping it off safely Rosi! - 2 weeks ago
Bryan B. Avatar
Bryan B.
Great work, friendly service. Michael and Britney, the delivery driver, were both wonderful. Highly recommend - 2 weeks ago
Josh S. Avatar
Josh S.
Special thanks to Rosibel! - 2 weeks ago
Frank F. Avatar
Frank F.
I had a flat tire -- thanks to a young boy who told me about it when I got out of Staples. I nervously drove the car to CarCare To Go in 3 minutes and was greeted with warmth. The office manager and Don/Dan helped me check the problem and found the flat tire had to be replaced. However, I could not wait long so Don recommended using the spare tire for a temporary drive home. He did everything professionally and charged me nothing. This is a shop I would really go back when my car has any problems again. Thank you Don and office manager. Frank - 2 weeks ago
Bobby H. Avatar
Bobby H.
- 2 weeks ago
TKO S. Avatar
Highly recommend dealing with this company! Have had both personal and professional interactions and everyone here is very top notch. Brian is a client of mine and is a respectable business man. If you need assistance, check out CarCare To Go and you won't go wrong!!! - 2 weeks ago
Judi L. Avatar
Judi L.
Everyone was so nice I could not ask for a more pleasant experience! The person who picked up my car was "Rosie"! She was smiling and on time and a very nice! Give her the bonus she deserves it! By the way I sold my car the same day it was delivered back to me to a dealership who commented on how nice and clean it was! Thank you for giving my car this fresh 180 degree turn around! - 2 weeks ago
rabins k. Avatar
rabins k.
This is going to be my go to car shop from now on. Innovative idea, wonderful people, easy updates on phone, and a clean car for a reasonable price. This place has the human touch that big businesses lack and I cannot get enough of it. - 3 weeks ago
Robert B. Avatar
Robert B.
Yes they did a great job! - 3 weeks ago
Connie B. Avatar
Connie B.
Excellent car detailing from this company combined with outstanding communication. Plus the price is right! - 3 weeks ago
Scott L. Avatar
Scott L.
- 3 weeks ago
Aaron K. Avatar
Aaron K.
Had a great experience here. The staff were very friendly and helpful. They went above and beyond my needs, providing excellent service and showing me everything my car needed without being pushy. Will be coming back! - 4 weeks ago
Ashley R. Avatar
Ashley R.
Process was convenient and my car came back better than I ever seen it. I was able to get a high appraisal for trade in and I contribute it their work - 4 weeks ago
Audrey K. Avatar
Audrey K.
They are very professional and nice I highly recommend it. They’re not expensive and it was my first service I’m more than satisfied I’ll bring my friends and family. Thank you to Gabriel for driving my car. - 4 weeks ago
Peter B. Avatar
Peter B.
Excellent service, easy to use, great customer service too. - 4 weeks ago