Brake Pads & Brake Rotors Replacement

Why Use Us For Brake Work?

* (A recent spot check for a synthetic oil change for a Subaru Outback showed us to be 25% cheaper than Jiffy Lube)

We do much more than just swap out pads and rotors. This is a comprehensive preventative maintenance package that includes lorem ipsum STUFF. Like all of our services, we include a free car cleaning and virus-killing germ treatment. 

You don’t want to skimp on brakes. The most common reason for reduced effectiveness or failure are worn brake pads and rotors. These are the point of contact between your braking system and your tires.

These elements deteriorate more easily than other components and require more frequent maintenance. Friction between the tires and the brake pads cause heat, and this heat wears down the brake pad.

The cost of brake pad and rotor replacement depends on the make and model of the vehicle 

The majority of brake pad and  oil changes cost between $69 and $139.