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Tire Rotation & Balancing in Washington DC

Trust, Transparency, and Free Valet Pick-up and Return

What makes us different?

  • Free valet pick-up and drop-off saves time and stress
  • Complimentary video inspection of your vehicle 
  • Competitive and transparent pricing + free light clean
  • Real time text communication/updates 
  • 12,000 mile/12-month warranty

How does CarCare To Go Work?

CarCare To Go provides car maintenance and repair in three easy steps: 1. Schedule your appointment online. 2. A valet picks up your vehicle and brings it in for service. 3. After the work is done a valet returns the vehicle to you. The valet is always free and every appointment includes a free safety inspection and light hand clean. It’s as easy as ordering groceries online. You can find more detail here.

What is included in tire rotation and balancing service?

Our technicians start every service with a bumper-to-bumper safety inspection to understand the overall health of your vehicle and where there may be areas of concern. The first step with tires is to measure tread and look for uneven wear to understand whether rotation, balancing or possibly replacement is even needed. We offer dynamic computer-controlled spin balancing for the best results. Rotations are based on the results of the wear inspection. 

Why tire rotation and balancing matter?

Tires are the one thing that comes between you and the road. Keeping your tires in good shape will keep you safe and provide a smoother, more comfortable ride. One of the best ways to extend the life of your tires while providing the best driving experience is to make sure that your tires are riding evenly.  Rotating and balancing your tires will ensure this is happening. 

Rotating is important because your tires wear unevenly.  For example, your front tires play a larger role in breaking so they wear out more quickly. So rotating ensures more even wear which means similar tread depth and grip across all four tires. 

Balancing tires is another way to prevent uneven wear and provide a smooth, safe ride that doesn’t pull to one side or another. Tires that are out of balance will have a shorter lifespan and can create uncomfortable and annoying vibrations as you accelerate.  

How do I know if I need tire rotation or balancing service?

A very rough rule of thumb is that your tires should be rotated every six months or 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Balancing should be done with any new tires. It should also be done if you notice vibrations and at least every two years, more frequently if you often drive on rough or poorly maintained roads. 

What else should I know about my tires?

Balancing is actually something that takes a trained technician and very specialized equipment. It involves spinning your tires to identify any potential vibrations or imbalances. These are removed by attaching small weights to the rim of the tire.  The result is a smooth, quiet ride. 

How much does tire rotation and balancing service cost?

You can see pricing for all our services here.

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