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Sunroof Drains & Ducts

close-up of sunroof open to blue skey

A sunroof can be a premium feature of your vehicle, but most car owners don’t invest a lot of time thinking about what it takes to maintain this particular component. As the weather starts to warm up, you may notice a few signs that your sunroof is either working as expected; or that there’s a potential clog to fix.

  • Water or non-oily substance dripping beneath your vehicle.

Your sunroof has a hard-working group of tubes that makes sure that any water that gets past the rubber seal between the glass and your roof doesn’t end up on your head! These ducts divert water outside your vehicle, meaning that you may see water dripping beneath your car. This is normal, and means your drains are doing their job! However, if you’re ever in doubt about the fluids that your car could be leaking or if you’re concerned that it could be something more serious like a transmission issue, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a picture.

  • Water dripping INTO your car, or a mildew-y smell coming from the A/C or interior.

Over time little particles of pollen, dust, and road grime can get stuck in the drain tubes and clog them up. When this happens, you can end up with water backing up into your headliner or carpets causing a mildew smell or even mold! Keeping your roof clean, and periodically having the drain tubes cleaned out with high pressure air are key to keeping your car from having a leaky roof. We include this with all our Deluxe Hand-Detail service, and can let you know during our inspection if those tubes have dried out over time and need to be replaced. 

Need to book your Deluxe Hand-Detail or a service to inspect any suspicious drips? Book now, and enjoy free pick-up and return of your vehicle, digital inspection reports from your mechanic, and the ability to review and approve all services directly from your phone.

Jyoti S. Avatar
Jyoti S.
For a first-timer, the service met my expectations I would have rated it as 5 stars but for the following reasons: (a) An obviously dirty patch on the roof of the car which escaped the car-wash and su... read more - 6 days ago
Brianna B. Avatar
Brianna B.
They got my car back to me next day even though they needed to order parts. The valet service was also very quick and easy, and everyone that I came in contact with was really nice. Will definitely re... read more - 6 days ago
Michelle P. Avatar
Michelle P.
Great service and the most convenient with the valet service. Highly recommend. Prices very reasonable. - 1 week ago
Jamal F. Avatar
Jamal F.
I used this service to get a oil change. They did a great job and even gave me a courtesy wash . I was in great hands of the valet Joshua . He was great with the car and was on time picking up and dro... read more - 1 week ago
Ellie F. Avatar
Ellie F.
I had a great experience. My husband dropped off my car and he got a ride back home. The price was reasonable, the service was great. Gabriel then drove the car to my house, after he finished the oil ... read more - 1 week ago
Sakib S. Avatar
Sakib S.
3rd time using their services and as usual outstanding service; i will never go anywhere else. Rosie picked up and dropped off my car with outmost professionalism; she was amazing. Thank you guys for ... read more - 1 week ago
Laura C. Avatar
Laura C.
I can't say enough. They were very professional from start to finish. The valet was very convenient and they showed up right when they said they would. I went for the oil change to try them out. They... read more - 1 week ago
David S. Avatar
David S.
All were extremely courteous and kept me up to date on the status of the repair. - 2 weeks ago
Michael E. Avatar
Michael E.
Rosie did a great job to ensure that my car got to me safely and on time. - 2 weeks ago
Maya G. Avatar
Maya G.
Great service on an oil change + AC repair, and thank you for dropping it off safely Rosi! - 2 weeks ago
Bryan B. Avatar
Bryan B.
Great work, friendly service. Michael and Britney, the delivery driver, were both wonderful. Highly recommend - 2 weeks ago
Josh S. Avatar
Josh S.
Special thanks to Rosibel! - 2 weeks ago